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  Who is Richard Blade?

I am Richard Blade, a character created by Jeffrey Lord. In each of Lord's novels, with the help of Lord Leighton and J, I travel to various uncharted realms of Dimension X.
Dimension X is a series of parallel worlds. In each world I encounter evil enemies and many beautiful women. I am a highly trained British Secret Service operative with expertise in martial arts and weapons use. I am everyman and, at the same time, a mighty and intrepid warrior. In the tradition of most popular heroes - such as Tarzan, Doc Savage, and Conan I battle beasts and forces unknown.  I also have a highly developed libido so I inevitable become involved with the women I encounter and have many erotic encounters.

Here is a sample list of some of my adventures currently available:

Lord, Jeffrey
	Richard Blade # 1 - The Bronze Axe
	Richard Blade # 2 - The Jade Warrior
	Richard Blade # 3 - Jewel of Tharn
	Richard Blade # 4 - Slave of Sarma
	Richard Blade # 5 - Liberator of Jedd
	Richard Blade # 6 - Monster of the Maze
	Richard Blade # 7 - Pearl of Patmos
	Richard Blade # 8 - Undying World
	Richard Blade # 9 - Kingdom of Ryth
	Richard Blade #10 - Ice Dragon
	Richard Blade #11 - Dimensions of Dreams
	Richard Blade #12 - King of Zunga
	Richard Blade #13 - The Golden Steed
	Richard Blade #14 - The Temples of Ayocan
	Richard Blade #15 - The Towers of Melnon
	Richard Blade #16 - The Crystal Seas
	Richard Blade #17 - The Mountains of Brega
	Richard Blade #18 - Warlords of Gaikon
	Richard Blade #19 - Looters of Tharn
	Richard Blade #20 - Guardians of the Coral Throne
	Richard Blade #22 - The Forests of Gleor
	Richard Blade #25 - The Torian Pearls
	Richard Blade #27 - Master of the Hashomi
	Richard Blade #30 - Dimension of Horror
	Richard Blade #35 - The Lords of the Crimson River

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  Richard Blade #4 - Slave of Sarma

Mission into the Unknown
This mission was to go to Dimension X, track down and kill a Russian agent posing as my double.
In Sarma, land of weird customs and barbaric punishments, I could survive only by satisfying the cravings of the royal women. Failure meant live burial, or being hurled into the flaming jaws of Bek-Tor.
And always the lurking danger from the man who was my double ... and who might prove to be my final destruction.

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Richard Blade #5 - Liberator of Jedd

A World of Death
The dying Empress had two last commands for me: marry the Child-Princess, and lead the Jedds into the North country. The first was no hardship, but the second pitted me against a maniacal floating brain that wanted me to perform the most bizarre of all my feats in Dimension X.
Armed with only my naked passion, I battled all my enemies, but was helpless against one - the dreaded Yellow Plague.

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Richard Blade #27 - Master of the Hashomi

Valley of the Hashomi
I entered a sinister new dimension - the land of the Hashomi. Here people are conditioned from birth to be totally immune to pain and fear. By a combination of indoctrination and drugs they have been made into the ultimate fighting machine.
Ever virile and strong and also drug-free - I posed a threat to the Master of Hashomi. A free mind in a strong body could not be manipulated.
I joined forces with Baran, the enlightened leader who ruled the other half of the dimension. Large supplies of hashomi drugs were discovered among the Thieves Guild and war became inevitable.

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